The Companionship of the Companion Cube

Entering the mist

A book of few words

The seventh day:

The party hadn’t even rested out, before a new character interrupted their camp site, a little halfling potent in the arcane arts. He told them he was looking for an old book, and that he heard of some adventures which died here a few days ago. But when asked he couldn’t really remember what his reward was for retrieving the book, only that the quest giver was a beautiful blond women. The halflings name was Nebin.

The halfling quickly coined the party and all five adventures entered The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower, their first deadly peril for the day, was two spiders the side of dogs. Suddenly in the middle of the fight the spiders called forth their brood crawling up from a hole in the corner. But it didn’t matter, the party killed them all the same.

The dark hole in the corner of the room, the passage down was almost completely covered in webs, but the party couldn’t stop them selves, they simply had to search its depths. So they put a rope around Schmoopy, sendt him dungeon delving into the hole. He found some dead people suspended in the webs all with backpack, but after getting the backpack only a few gold coins were found. Lusting for more treasure the adventures plumbed Schmoopy down again, but this time he saw a monster at the bottom of the pit. He fled up the hole, and the party decided to do the only right thing; to touch it. The spider webs burned wonderfully. While the pit would be cooling down the adventures went exploring other parts of the dungeon.

The party discovered a hallow coffin in the main chamber, they sent Schmoopy down yet again, the room bellow was almost feature less, except for a magical field and a pedestal inside it. On that pedestal was another glowing silver bar. Schmoopy searches the room, sure that this must be a trap. He quickly fund some weird rocks in the wall, secreting a thick gas, which seemed to make flesh ethereal, phasing thought rock. Schmoopy collected a whole bunch of rocks, cracking them all at the same time, causing a huge burst of ethereal gas. Smoorpy used the moment’s opportunity to race into the magical field fetching the silver bar.

The two silver bars assembled in a 90 degrees angle, glowing a little bit stronger.

The next silver bar, the adventures found a cross a huge chamber filled which stone statues. Looking as if everyone was about to deliver a killing blow. The silver bar was pulsing at the bottom of a cauldron at the far side of the room, the cauldron emitted a trick smoke filling the chamber floor. The adventures sure this was a trap, Schmoopy catches rat crawling along the floor, throwing it into the middle of the statue filled room. One of the statues came alive, and cleaved the rat before it hit the ground, then freezes in the motion, forever showing its killing blow. Then they tried to kill the creatures with ranged attacks, they collapsed and few moment after resampled themselves. A few moment later the adventures had made a battle plan. Schmoopy rushed forward while the rest of the party blasted at the statues, the plan worked flawlessly, which only a few scraps to show for it and a third silver bar in their pockets.

The three silver bars assembled into a U-like shape, starting to pulse.

The party went back to the spider bit, a little warm still crawled up from it, but nothing like the hell blaze the adventures left it in. Yet again Schmoopy was heist down, but the temperature quickly rose as he ascended, the thief got cool feet and proposed that Grom should be sent down instead. The barbarian fund himself at the bottom of the pit, the temperature was hellish. He tried to dig thought the depress and burned flash of whatever died here. But it wasn’t until the halfling Nebin screamed he should get to hit, that he made any real progress, suddenly he saw a dim blue light, but before he could grasp it he perished from the intense heat.

The party got him up, and a few minutes later he was back in the pit, rising up with a fourth silver bar.

The four silver bars assembled into a square, emitting intense blue light.

The party stands at the main chamber still they haven’t fund the book Treavus wanted and the only thing remaining in the dungeon is the purple fog. Nebin decided that he as a proficient magician should go first. The fog swallows him and soon after he finds that the fog make you turn around without realizing it. The silver square start to burn with a blue light, flies into the smoke, and start growing until it forms a portal through the fog.

behind the fog they see a headless zombie with a old leather book with a living talking face on the cover, telling the heroes to leave a die.

The adventures attack, skeletons rises from the ground, magic is flung thought the air, Tana turn a half dusin undead with a single word. The fight is long but the adventures wins out at last.

They decide to rest before the long journey back to Fellchest



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