The Companionship of the Companion Cube

Fetch quest II

Suck up to Your Boss!

the sixth day:

The adventures slept in the The Last Unicorn in Fellchest. Grom had gotten himself an observer, a priest callad Tana who should him an eye on him for the day because of his near fatal Filth Fever yesterday.

The adventures had planed to go out searching for the dragon White Fang, but the merchant Treavus had other plans for the adventures, who now had proved they worth. He offered to pay the adventures 300 gold if they could acquire an old tome for him in The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower. The party couldn’t resist such a well payed job. The priest Tana decided to tag along to repel the undead horde which should reside in The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower.

On the way across the swamp Schmoopy found a dagger with a golden hilt, surely there was something magical about it.

Finally they came to The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower inside they meet an undead horde of zombies and skeletons of which Tana proved useful, and a devious trap. But the truly mysteries thing was a thin silver bar glowing with a faint blue light. The party couldn’t find much sense in the object.

After a cruel encounter with a huge swarm of rats the party rested outside the dungeon. maybe tomorrow they will find the meaning of the glowing silver bar.



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