The Companionship of the Companion Cube

Final Breath

A deadly picnic

The eight day:

The party had rested at the ruins of The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower. At dawn they traveled back to Fellchest. When the party arrived they found corpses laying at the city walls, dead goblins and humans evidence of an extended goblin attack.

When the adventures entered the city they went straight for The Last Unicorn, where they found Treavus busy with a fine steak. He was clearly surprised to see the adventures, but over joyed to get his hand on the book, Nebin over spoke about his mysteries quest giver, a beautiful blond lady at the city gates. Information Treavus was must interested in.

The adventures had only just completed their business with Treavus, when a man just entered the inn seemingly recognized them, and went straight toward the party.

The man was Jack, seemingly he had got the party recommended be a blond lady just when he entered the city looking for help. He wanted the adventures to hunt down the creature who had killed his wife.

The adventures agreed to help Jack thinking that the mysteries creature he was referring to might be the dragon they where looking for.

The party used a few hours to get ready, and traveled to Cloak Wood later the same day.

The first thing they saw in Cloak Wood was the remains of Jacks destroyed house which apparently had been attacked by The guardian of Cloak Wood who Jack had angered under his first try to revenge his wife. But he assured them that wasn’t anything to worry about.

As the party followed Jack to the place he believed the mysteries creature resized a tunnel network known as Kobold Hall, they meet the forest gnome Fritch. He was clearly not fun of seeing Jack again or the party, he suggested that maybe they should try to make peace with The guardian of Cloak Wood. Jack clearly didn’t agree, but the party decided to try it out.

Thinking that they should impress a guardian spirit of the forest, the party decided to try to be nice to the wood, trying not snap any branches. A sound plan in theory but in practice they failed at it, Grom and Hi’tower seemed to have a competition at the opposite goal.

When the party finally arrived at the densest part of the wood, an already irritated forest spirit was waiting on them, needless to say what should have been a friendly , meeting revolved into bloody combat, the forest spirit called the trees of the forest to fight. Telling the party that The guardian of Cloak Wood would forever curse them.

The following battle was grim, tree roots blocking the movements of the party, one of them even knocked jack unconscionable, put the party ganged up on the forest spirit, and before it could escape Schmoopy had killed it with a quick blade from behind. bringing Jack back to reality, the adventures traveled as fast as they could to Kobold Hall hoping the underground would be safe.

The party stands hidden in some bushes near Kobold Hall, Jack tells them that this was the place he fallowed the tracks too, there is two entrenches the first lowest too the ground with a waterfall splitting it, heavily guarded by kobolds, the second higher up, but it could prove troublesome getting to it without the kobolds noticing. Jack tells the party that the kobolds used to use the higher entrance but some day they simple changed it, properly because some beast moved in.

The party decides to go straight for the kobolds. A very bad move it should prove to be, suddenly Grom is knocked uncouthness and the kobold horde goes for Nebin who had stationed himself outside the waterfall, he tries to manage but nothing can be done, and so he also falls for the kobolds. But in the main time, Grom has slowly crawled near death, and with no Tana, to come and rescue him, it looks grim. Party knowing something has to be done Hitower hands his last potion to Schmoopy asking him to jump thought the waterfall, and apply the potion to Groms libs. Schmoopy runs for it but only 10 feet shot he witnesses the last breath of his companion, not wanting to leave him there, he drags him to safety. in the main time Hitower has brought Nebin back from his deadly sleep, and with no other course the party flies to the woods. Leaving Jack to die.

But Grom is dead, but just maybe all hope is not left, just maybe Tana who still is back in Fellchest. she might be able to pull a few strings and get Grom back from his death.

The ninth day

Luckily for them, Tana was able to pull some strings, so for the low sum of all the spoils so far the party gets there barbarian back, and Tana wows to never leave Groms side agian.

The tenth day

The party never knowing when to stop and now one man or women stronger, travels back to Cloak Wood.

A few kobolds are still keeping guide at the lower entrance, the party decides to sneak pass them, and head for the higher one. Soon the party finds them at en close encounter with an orge, and shortly after a hibernating bear, but Grom makes shot work of it, and soon the the adventures enters a room with high dirt walls, but a even higher ceiling… the sound of a gong sounds on both said of the party, and very high up.



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