The Companionship of the Companion Cube

Final Breath Part II

Justice served cold

The tenth day

The dirt in the room starts moving soon little centripetals and beetles starts falling down the dirt walls, hungry and aggregated the critters goes on a rampage attacking the party. The sound of the gong intensifies. But the flow of critters is to intense, for the adventures to do anything to stop it. The insects started to get bigger, climaxed with two large anghags, big insects like creatures. At that moment the party knew that they had overextended themselves, and had to pull back.

The party rested, hidden some where in Kobold Hall far away from praying eyes.

The eleventh day

The party spend the time planing there approx, the gongs they had to so stop em before the insect. the battle plan was executed to perfection, the before hard battle, was turn into a breeze.

Next White Fang

As The party slowly crawls done the tunnel, their skin chills, their breath turns to ice, their feet leaves footprints in the thin layer of snow on the floor, the party knew that the next battle would be they final encounter with White Fang. but they didn’t who would see the next day.

The party enters a huge chamber, partially covered by a underground lake, frozen. At the far side the party sees the Dragon surrounded by its kobold servants. But in order to approach the beast they need to traverse the frozen lake. grom jumps easily over the lake, the haflings finds they that the ice can easily hold they weight. the rest of the party have to move slowly.



Kom nu igang kasper!

Final Breath Part II

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