The Companionship of the Companion Cube

Retrieving the tiny box

A sickening adventure

The fourth day:

The adventures woke up in the magical chess chamber all of them in good health except for the barbarian Grom whose filth fever inflicted by some dire rats the other day, had taken its toll on the proud barbarian.

They hadn’t even woken properly before some of Malareth guards decided to check out the noise from the chamber, battle insures. The battle proved to be a tough one. the Grom was knocked unconscious in the very first moments of combat. But as the battle tides turned to the adventures favor, one of the guards did an act of treason, and killed one of his own. That very same guard turned then into a blond virgin, and pleaded for mercy. The adventures decided to let the petty creature live in exchange for a healing potion and some trivial information about the dungeon. And so the shapechanger known as Shave went his own ways.

The adventures also met the mighty hobgoblin Crash, but he proved a trivial obstacle, and only his magical greataxe leaved any true impression on the party.

Later that day the adventures learned that the dragon White Fang had fled the dungeon but having swallowed all his treasure unable to fly.

the adventures had to decide to hunt down the beast or delve deeper into the dungeon in order to find the chest. The adventures decided that they could find the chest and then set out for the dragon.

The adventures then proceeded to meet the mage Malareth and his undead minions. The thief decided to run with all his power into the head of the mage, to make a shot fight, but he was quickly slain by Malareth undead minions. Everything looked grim indeed for the adventures if it wasn’t for Shave who decided to help the adventures out, healing the thief with the very same potion he had given the party only hours before, he made the thief battle ready, shortly after the thief went for Malareth and killed him, leaving his undead minions to rot.

The adventures quickly searched the room finding the chest containing a mysteries skull. Then they rested in the chamber.

the fifth day:

The adventures woke up, hoping to hunt down the dragon, but Grom’s filth fever had gotton the better of him, and they had no chose but to leave the dungeon for the safety of Fellchest.

When the adventures got to the city, they had trouble even getting in because of a tread from a goblin tribe known as The Wild Things. But the sick Gorm got them on other thought.

and so in the middle of night was Grom cured by magic for nearly all the gold the party had gotten they dirty hands on.



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