The Companionship of the Companion Cube

The little secret chest


The very first day:

The little halfling thief Schmoopy was traveling with the merchant Treavus when evil goblins attached and stole a little insuspicious box, but Treavus was clearly shaken, and proposed that Grido might return the little chest. The finder fee 30 gp!

Grido hunt down the goblins to their evil liar, he quickly killed the few goblins guarding the entrance. But before Grido want to far into the dungeon. He decides some backup might be needed.

He travels the country side until he comes to a larger city, Fellchest. after traveling the streets for a few moment he finds the inn The Last Unicorn, here he meets two fighters, the Goliath Warden; Hitower and the Half-Orc Barbarian; Grom.

The rash-tag party leaves quickly, but only a few hours after leaving the safe walls of Fellchest, their become the center of a goblin ambush. Luckily the rash-tag party seems not to be totally without merit.

After the battle the party decides to camp for the night.



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