A former Lumberjack from Cloakwood


Jack was a man with a story, a story about the death of his wife Gert:

It was a late cold night and the fireplace placed needed more wood, Jack sent her wife out to get it, unknowingly sending her to her death.

Shortly after he heard a scream outside, he quickly took his axe and whet out to investigate. The horror in his eyes was not to be described there in the grass between the mighty old trees of Cloak Wood his wife was laying deadly still. Her body was cold as ice, but no wound was to be found on her body, the grass was covered with snow, and in the grass was laying coins, silver, copper, platinum and gold. Close by was the foot prints of a mighty clawed creature.

Jack was besides himself, furies and grieving he tracked the prints, hacking and cutting every tree in his path. The tracks lead him to Kobold Hall, Jack tried to attack the creatures living there but only got him a deadly wound.



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