White Fang

A very young white dragon, who almost killed the party!


The mighty White Fang ones had a cult of trusty kobolds to do his biding, that was until a party of trusty adventures stumbled into his lair.

The party of the adventures killed must of White Fangs cult before he was even alerted of their presence. But ones he knew, at first he tried to make the adventures stop the slaying of his cult, but to to directly after all White Fangs is a mighty and powerful wonder of the world!

the adventures didn’t take his bait, The halfling thief tried to sneak up on the dragon from behind, but White Fang give him two quick sweeps with his tail, banging the thief up against the wall, he then turn around. The thief tried to hide from him, tried to look like a little halfling shaped rock against the wall, but it didn’t help, the mighty White Fang incapacitated the thief with one quick snap with his jaws.

He then turn around to slay the remaining two adventures, but they fleeted with their bloodied and exhausted body’s intact. But not after making sure to slay the last of White Fangs cult.

But the barbarian in the group wouldn’t allow the thief to bleed to death, so he sneaked to the best of his ability and successfully revived the thief to a concision state. Then they all ran as fast as their legs could manage

White Fang

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