The Companionship of the Companion Cube

Delving Thunderspire
Plot jam


Entering Thunderspire
Just two seconds!


Final Breath Part II
Justice served cold
The tenth day

The dirt in the room starts moving soon little centripetals and beetles starts falling down the dirt walls, hungry and aggregated the critters goes on a rampage attacking the party. The sound of the gong intensifies. But the flow of critters is to intense, for the adventures to do anything to stop it. The insects started to get bigger, climaxed with two large anghags, big insects like creatures. At that moment the party knew that they had overextended themselves, and had to pull back.

The party rested, hidden some where in Kobold Hall far away from praying eyes.

The eleventh day

The party spend the time planing there approx, the gongs they had to so stop em before the insect. the battle plan was executed to perfection, the before hard battle, was turn into a breeze.

Next White Fang

As The party slowly crawls done the tunnel, their skin chills, their breath turns to ice, their feet leaves footprints in the thin layer of snow on the floor, the party knew that the next battle would be they final encounter with White Fang. but they didn’t who would see the next day.

The party enters a huge chamber, partially covered by a underground lake, frozen. At the far side the party sees the Dragon surrounded by its kobold servants. But in order to approach the beast they need to traverse the frozen lake. grom jumps easily over the lake, the haflings finds they that the ice can easily hold they weight. the rest of the party have to move slowly.


Final Breath
A deadly picnic
The eight day:

The party had rested at the ruins of The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower. At dawn they traveled back to Fellchest. When the party arrived they found corpses laying at the city walls, dead goblins and humans evidence of an extended goblin attack.

When the adventures entered the city they went straight for The Last Unicorn, where they found Treavus busy with a fine steak. He was clearly surprised to see the adventures, but over joyed to get his hand on the book, Nebin over spoke about his mysteries quest giver, a beautiful blond lady at the city gates. Information Treavus was must interested in.

The adventures had only just completed their business with Treavus, when a man just entered the inn seemingly recognized them, and went straight toward the party.

The man was Jack, seemingly he had got the party recommended be a blond lady just when he entered the city looking for help. He wanted the adventures to hunt down the creature who had killed his wife.

The adventures agreed to help Jack thinking that the mysteries creature he was referring to might be the dragon they where looking for.

The party used a few hours to get ready, and traveled to Cloak Wood later the same day.

The first thing they saw in Cloak Wood was the remains of Jacks destroyed house which apparently had been attacked by The guardian of Cloak Wood who Jack had angered under his first try to revenge his wife. But he assured them that wasn’t anything to worry about.

As the party followed Jack to the place he believed the mysteries creature resized a tunnel network known as Kobold Hall, they meet the forest gnome Fritch. He was clearly not fun of seeing Jack again or the party, he suggested that maybe they should try to make peace with The guardian of Cloak Wood. Jack clearly didn’t agree, but the party decided to try it out.

Thinking that they should impress a guardian spirit of the forest, the party decided to try to be nice to the wood, trying not snap any branches. A sound plan in theory but in practice they failed at it, Grom and Hi’tower seemed to have a competition at the opposite goal.

When the party finally arrived at the densest part of the wood, an already irritated forest spirit was waiting on them, needless to say what should have been a friendly , meeting revolved into bloody combat, the forest spirit called the trees of the forest to fight. Telling the party that The guardian of Cloak Wood would forever curse them.

The following battle was grim, tree roots blocking the movements of the party, one of them even knocked jack unconscionable, put the party ganged up on the forest spirit, and before it could escape Schmoopy had killed it with a quick blade from behind. bringing Jack back to reality, the adventures traveled as fast as they could to Kobold Hall hoping the underground would be safe.

The party stands hidden in some bushes near Kobold Hall, Jack tells them that this was the place he fallowed the tracks too, there is two entrenches the first lowest too the ground with a waterfall splitting it, heavily guarded by kobolds, the second higher up, but it could prove troublesome getting to it without the kobolds noticing. Jack tells the party that the kobolds used to use the higher entrance but some day they simple changed it, properly because some beast moved in.

The party decides to go straight for the kobolds. A very bad move it should prove to be, suddenly Grom is knocked uncouthness and the kobold horde goes for Nebin who had stationed himself outside the waterfall, he tries to manage but nothing can be done, and so he also falls for the kobolds. But in the main time, Grom has slowly crawled near death, and with no Tana, to come and rescue him, it looks grim. Party knowing something has to be done Hitower hands his last potion to Schmoopy asking him to jump thought the waterfall, and apply the potion to Groms libs. Schmoopy runs for it but only 10 feet shot he witnesses the last breath of his companion, not wanting to leave him there, he drags him to safety. in the main time Hitower has brought Nebin back from his deadly sleep, and with no other course the party flies to the woods. Leaving Jack to die.

But Grom is dead, but just maybe all hope is not left, just maybe Tana who still is back in Fellchest. she might be able to pull a few strings and get Grom back from his death.

The ninth day

Luckily for them, Tana was able to pull some strings, so for the low sum of all the spoils so far the party gets there barbarian back, and Tana wows to never leave Groms side agian.

The tenth day

The party never knowing when to stop and now one man or women stronger, travels back to Cloak Wood.

A few kobolds are still keeping guide at the lower entrance, the party decides to sneak pass them, and head for the higher one. Soon the party finds them at en close encounter with an orge, and shortly after a hibernating bear, but Grom makes shot work of it, and soon the the adventures enters a room with high dirt walls, but a even higher ceiling… the sound of a gong sounds on both said of the party, and very high up.

Entering the mist
A book of few words
The seventh day:

The party hadn’t even rested out, before a new character interrupted their camp site, a little halfling potent in the arcane arts. He told them he was looking for an old book, and that he heard of some adventures which died here a few days ago. But when asked he couldn’t really remember what his reward was for retrieving the book, only that the quest giver was a beautiful blond women. The halflings name was Nebin.

The halfling quickly coined the party and all five adventures entered The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower, their first deadly peril for the day, was two spiders the side of dogs. Suddenly in the middle of the fight the spiders called forth their brood crawling up from a hole in the corner. But it didn’t matter, the party killed them all the same.

The dark hole in the corner of the room, the passage down was almost completely covered in webs, but the party couldn’t stop them selves, they simply had to search its depths. So they put a rope around Schmoopy, sendt him dungeon delving into the hole. He found some dead people suspended in the webs all with backpack, but after getting the backpack only a few gold coins were found. Lusting for more treasure the adventures plumbed Schmoopy down again, but this time he saw a monster at the bottom of the pit. He fled up the hole, and the party decided to do the only right thing; to touch it. The spider webs burned wonderfully. While the pit would be cooling down the adventures went exploring other parts of the dungeon.

The party discovered a hallow coffin in the main chamber, they sent Schmoopy down yet again, the room bellow was almost feature less, except for a magical field and a pedestal inside it. On that pedestal was another glowing silver bar. Schmoopy searches the room, sure that this must be a trap. He quickly fund some weird rocks in the wall, secreting a thick gas, which seemed to make flesh ethereal, phasing thought rock. Schmoopy collected a whole bunch of rocks, cracking them all at the same time, causing a huge burst of ethereal gas. Smoorpy used the moment’s opportunity to race into the magical field fetching the silver bar.

The two silver bars assembled in a 90 degrees angle, glowing a little bit stronger.

The next silver bar, the adventures found a cross a huge chamber filled which stone statues. Looking as if everyone was about to deliver a killing blow. The silver bar was pulsing at the bottom of a cauldron at the far side of the room, the cauldron emitted a trick smoke filling the chamber floor. The adventures sure this was a trap, Schmoopy catches rat crawling along the floor, throwing it into the middle of the statue filled room. One of the statues came alive, and cleaved the rat before it hit the ground, then freezes in the motion, forever showing its killing blow. Then they tried to kill the creatures with ranged attacks, they collapsed and few moment after resampled themselves. A few moment later the adventures had made a battle plan. Schmoopy rushed forward while the rest of the party blasted at the statues, the plan worked flawlessly, which only a few scraps to show for it and a third silver bar in their pockets.

The three silver bars assembled into a U-like shape, starting to pulse.

The party went back to the spider bit, a little warm still crawled up from it, but nothing like the hell blaze the adventures left it in. Yet again Schmoopy was heist down, but the temperature quickly rose as he ascended, the thief got cool feet and proposed that Grom should be sent down instead. The barbarian fund himself at the bottom of the pit, the temperature was hellish. He tried to dig thought the depress and burned flash of whatever died here. But it wasn’t until the halfling Nebin screamed he should get to hit, that he made any real progress, suddenly he saw a dim blue light, but before he could grasp it he perished from the intense heat.

The party got him up, and a few minutes later he was back in the pit, rising up with a fourth silver bar.

The four silver bars assembled into a square, emitting intense blue light.

The party stands at the main chamber still they haven’t fund the book Treavus wanted and the only thing remaining in the dungeon is the purple fog. Nebin decided that he as a proficient magician should go first. The fog swallows him and soon after he finds that the fog make you turn around without realizing it. The silver square start to burn with a blue light, flies into the smoke, and start growing until it forms a portal through the fog.

behind the fog they see a headless zombie with a old leather book with a living talking face on the cover, telling the heroes to leave a die.

The adventures attack, skeletons rises from the ground, magic is flung thought the air, Tana turn a half dusin undead with a single word. The fight is long but the adventures wins out at last.

They decide to rest before the long journey back to Fellchest

Fetch quest II
Suck up to Your Boss!
the sixth day:

The adventures slept in the The Last Unicorn in Fellchest. Grom had gotten himself an observer, a priest callad Tana who should him an eye on him for the day because of his near fatal Filth Fever yesterday.

The adventures had planed to go out searching for the dragon White Fang, but the merchant Treavus had other plans for the adventures, who now had proved they worth. He offered to pay the adventures 300 gold if they could acquire an old tome for him in The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower. The party couldn’t resist such a well payed job. The priest Tana decided to tag along to repel the undead horde which should reside in The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower.

On the way across the swamp Schmoopy found a dagger with a golden hilt, surely there was something magical about it.

Finally they came to The Dungeon of The Ghost Tower inside they meet an undead horde of zombies and skeletons of which Tana proved useful, and a devious trap. But the truly mysteries thing was a thin silver bar glowing with a faint blue light. The party couldn’t find much sense in the object.

After a cruel encounter with a huge swarm of rats the party rested outside the dungeon. maybe tomorrow they will find the meaning of the glowing silver bar.

Retrieving the tiny box
A sickening adventure
The fourth day:

The adventures woke up in the magical chess chamber all of them in good health except for the barbarian Grom whose filth fever inflicted by some dire rats the other day, had taken its toll on the proud barbarian.

They hadn’t even woken properly before some of Malareth guards decided to check out the noise from the chamber, battle insures. The battle proved to be a tough one. the Grom was knocked unconscious in the very first moments of combat. But as the battle tides turned to the adventures favor, one of the guards did an act of treason, and killed one of his own. That very same guard turned then into a blond virgin, and pleaded for mercy. The adventures decided to let the petty creature live in exchange for a healing potion and some trivial information about the dungeon. And so the shapechanger known as Shave went his own ways.

The adventures also met the mighty hobgoblin Crash, but he proved a trivial obstacle, and only his magical greataxe leaved any true impression on the party.

Later that day the adventures learned that the dragon White Fang had fled the dungeon but having swallowed all his treasure unable to fly.

the adventures had to decide to hunt down the beast or delve deeper into the dungeon in order to find the chest. The adventures decided that they could find the chest and then set out for the dragon.

The adventures then proceeded to meet the mage Malareth and his undead minions. The thief decided to run with all his power into the head of the mage, to make a shot fight, but he was quickly slain by Malareth undead minions. Everything looked grim indeed for the adventures if it wasn’t for Shave who decided to help the adventures out, healing the thief with the very same potion he had given the party only hours before, he made the thief battle ready, shortly after the thief went for Malareth and killed him, leaving his undead minions to rot.

The adventures quickly searched the room finding the chest containing a mysteries skull. Then they rested in the chamber.

the fifth day:

The adventures woke up, hoping to hunt down the dragon, but Grom’s filth fever had gotton the better of him, and they had no chose but to leave the dungeon for the safety of Fellchest.

When the adventures got to the city, they had trouble even getting in because of a tread from a goblin tribe known as The Wild Things. But the sick Gorm got them on other thought.

and so in the middle of night was Grom cured by magic for nearly all the gold the party had gotten they dirty hands on.

Entering the goblin cave
The great White Fang roars!
The very second day:

The party arrived at the goblins lair (known as The Twisting Halls), but little did they know that the lair also was home to the mighty White Fang, and fate would have it that they should come to know.

and so goes the second day:

The mighty White Fang ones had a cult of trusty kobolds to do his biding, that was until a party of trusty adventures stumbled into his lair.

The party of the adventures killed must of White Fangs cult before he was even alerted of their presence. But ones he knew, at first he tried to make the adventures stop the slaying of his cult, but to to directly after all White Fangs is a mighty and powerful wonder of the world!

the adventures didn’t take his bait, The halfling thief tried to sneak up on the dragon from behind, but White Fang give him two quick sweeps with his tail, banging the thief up against the wall, he then turn around. The thief tried to hide from him, tried to look like a little halfling shaped rock against the wall, but it didn’t help, the mighty White Fang incapacitated the thief with one quick snap with his jaws.

He then turn around to slay the remaining two adventures, but they fleeted with their bloodied and exhausted body’s intact. But not after making sure to slay the last of White Fangs cult.

But the barbarian in the group wouldn’t allow the thief to bleed to death, so he sneaked to the best of his ability and successfully revived the thief to a concision state. Then they all ran as fast as their legs could manage.

after the encounter the party hides and rest at the borders of the liar.

The very third day:

After the adventures almost suffered defect by the claws of the mighty dragon White Fang. they decided they should try a another part of the dungeon.

This time the adventures were in luck, they first encounter that day. Might have been the very same goblins who stole the chest. Another great bonus was the discovery of a barded horse, who the groups thief think might have been the very same horse he saw on a distant hill top the very same day the chest was stolen two days ago. But this mean that the rider was in this very same dungeon.

After an incident of giant rats, which managed to lurk the barbarian in to a 10ft pit trap, knocking him unconscious, and inflict him with filth fever.

But it was the third encounter which a giant magical chess game, which will prove both the quickest and most memorable. The chess game had a magical field which forced anyone who entered the board to move as a chess piece. But the warden in the group wouldn’t have any of that, which a mighty jump he crossed the magical barrier, and with a mix of amazing will power and physical strength he crossed the board and bull rushed the king, knocking him into the wall, tumbling him over and they by stopping the game instantaneous.

After that “battle” the adventures decided to hide and sleep in the magical chess board.

The little secret chest
The very first day:

The little halfling thief Schmoopy was traveling with the merchant Treavus when evil goblins attached and stole a little insuspicious box, but Treavus was clearly shaken, and proposed that Grido might return the little chest. The finder fee 30 gp!

Grido hunt down the goblins to their evil liar, he quickly killed the few goblins guarding the entrance. But before Grido want to far into the dungeon. He decides some backup might be needed.

He travels the country side until he comes to a larger city, Fellchest. after traveling the streets for a few moment he finds the inn The Last Unicorn, here he meets two fighters, the Goliath Warden; Hitower and the Half-Orc Barbarian; Grom.

The rash-tag party leaves quickly, but only a few hours after leaving the safe walls of Fellchest, their become the center of a goblin ambush. Luckily the rash-tag party seems not to be totally without merit.

After the battle the party decides to camp for the night.


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